Your First Consultation
Dr. Hawkins will take her time with you. She aims to fully understand all factors that may be influencing your health. For this reason, the first appointment involves an in-depth health history including medical history, dietary habits, stress levels, and lifestyle habits. She will discuss why you've come to her for help as well as your individual health goals. She will review medical records and, if necessary, suggest specialist consultations. She'll work with you to start a customized and manageable plan. This visit typically lasts 75-90 minutes, depending upon time needed for evaluation.
Your Follow-Up Consults
Your follow-up consults involve reviewing and expanding your plan. Follow-up consults are 45-60 minutes, although this varies depending on the complexity of your health concerns.
Pediatric Consults
First consults for infants, children and adolescents are scheduled at 60-90 minutes depending on length of time needed to accommodate a thorough evaluation of the child's health concerns. For wellness checkups, the focus shifts from health history to optimizing overall health and providing parenting support. Follow-up consults for wellness checkups are scheduled for 60 minutes. Follow-up consults for acute health concerns are scheduled for 15 to 45 minutes, depending on complexity.
Scheduling Appointments
To schedule an appointment, please call 910.367.5150 or email Consults are by appointment only. Dr. Hawkins makes every effort to be on-time for appointments and appreciates your assistance in keeping your scheduled appointment time.
New Client Forms
Please download and complete either the "New Adult Client History" or "New Pediatric Client History" forms prior to your first consultation. After completion, please upload all pages to your client portal. Naturopathic intake forms are extensive, so please allow yourself 30-45 minutes to complete. If you are unable to complete your paperwork prior to your first consultation, then your appointment will need to be rescheduled. Please utilize the record release form as needed to have other health care providers send labs, imaging, records, etc. to Dr. Hawkins.
Office Hours
Dr. Hawkins schedules client consults 8 am to 2 pm Monday through Friday.
Please review the Services & Fees page for more information.
Cancellation Policy
Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This will allow for consideration of other clients who may be waiting for appointments. Please understand that your appointment time is reserved for you alone. Dr. Hawkins does not double book as is customary in other medical practices, so observation of the cancellation policy is very much appreciated.