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I specialize in women's health and have special interests in postnatal depletion and perimenopause. Common concerns among the women in my care include fatigue, nutrient depletion, digestive issues and "leaky gut," chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, reproductive hormone imbalance, adrenal dysfunction, and thyroid disorders.

Scheduling Your First Appointment

The first step in becoming a new client is scheduling a Discovery Call. In this 10-minute call, you will be able to briefly share your health concerns and goals and learn more about working with me.

Office Hours
Client consults are scheduled between 8 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Payment and Insurance

Payment is due at the time of service. I do not contract with health insurance companies or file insurance. You may contact your insurance company and inquire if your plan covers "out-of-network non-participating naturopathic doctors" to find out if you can submit an invoice from your consultation for direct reimbursement.  

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
These accounts can often be used to cover costs associated with naturopathic consultations. Please check with your plan administrator for specific information.

Herbal Dispensary and Naturopathic Medicines
I maintain an online dispensary through Fullscript for convenient ordering. Visit the dispensary page for more information.

Cancellation Policy
Please give at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. This will allow for consideration of other clients who may be waiting for appointments. Please understand that your appointment time is reserved for you alone. I don't double book as is customary in other medical practices, so observation of the cancellation policy is very much appreciated.

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